Wiring: We run data cabling in new and existing offices, and install racks for networking equipment, terminating ends and settings up patch panels as necessary. We outsource for fiber-optic installations, as well as phone systems.
Network Equipment: We can install and maintain various cable/DSL routers and setup security/port mapping for remote management, configure managed switches, Cisco routers, SOHO firewalls, and wireless accesspoints and bridges. We can also diagnose network connectivity issues effectively.
Server Technologies: We have experience with many different server manufacturers, we can upgrade the hardware (within reason), diagnose hardware issues, work with the custom server management utilities (i.e. OpenManage), and install and configure any windows-based server operating system, ranging from NT4.0 up through Windows 2003 Enterprise. Currently preparing for Server 2008.

Desktop Computers: We can repair, upgrade or diagnose your workstation. If your computer is not repairable, we can find a solution to match your budget and needs. We are well versed with many of the market standar business applications, and can provide levels of desktop software support, either on-site or remotely.

Website Design: Our web design engineers can create a beautiful and functional site for you from scratch, or revitalize your existing site with a complete facelift. Please contact us to setup a meeting to see what we can do.
Web Hosting: Whether it's just a small, low traffic shared space, or a fully dedicated web database server, we can put together what you need to host your site.
Dental Systems: We have experience with a wide array of dental industry computing products, ranging from office management systems that include Dentrix, SoftDent, EasyDental, and Orthotrac to hardware devices such as intraoral camera system, and digital radiography devices. We have been working with dental networks since 2000.

Preventive Maintenance: We recommend this for nearly every customer, and some customers will need it more often than others. In our preventive maintenance routine, we go through a series of steps to make sure that your computers will run in tip-top shape, have the latest software updates installed, are virus and spyware free, and are secure. Servers are included along with all of the networked PC's.

The most basic maintenance routine that I would suggest is my Monthly Server Maintenance. Usually one hour is required a month with this maintenance. I check the server event logs, make sure that the server is current with the latest windows updates, check running processes, looking for any unnecessary applications that could be using valuable resources, check the backups by doing a test restore to a folder and cleaning the tape drive (where applicable), check drive space, make sure antivirus software is working and updated, defrag the drives, and run software maintenance (rebuilds) where necessary.



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